Website Design

51% of all people only use a smartphone to browse the web. By 2025 this number is suspected to increase to 72.6%.That’s almost 3 quarters of all users.
This is why more consideration must be give to your website for the mobile phone design as apposed to other web design companies.

Data from World Advertising Research Center (WARC)

Website Management

We can manage and host your website.

Rather than you having to make sure your site is secure and safe, you can focus on your business doing what your best at.

We can offer different plans to best suit your needs.

Pay Monthly or in Full - When you're happy

We offer you the ability to pay for your website design monthly or as a one time payment.

This allows for more flexibility and affordability as we understand, starting or progressing with your business can get expensive.


We can design and create E-Commerce website to give you a place to sell your products and services.

Concept to Finished Product

We can take your website from concept to a finished product.

We’re happy to meet up with you to discus your business and what your needs for it are.

See Stats On Your Site

You can track:

How people use your site,
How many people visit in any given day,
Where they visit from,
and talk to them directly on your site to help them with their problems and to increase the chances of a sale.

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Social Media Image

Social Media​​ Management

We can help you manage your social media accounts such as (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn).

These will allow you to better engage with your customers, showing off brand, new products/services, communicate with; polls, post, videos, etc.

We can also advertise for you creating and tracking the engagement with your potential customer base.

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We use WordPress to make all of our websites.

It’s a good idea to be on the main ones (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) at least but it also depends on what your business is.

Not only does having a website improve sales by giving your customers a way to purchase things online but it also can improve in store sales as it can show what you off in store and why they should visit.

It is recommended to have a blog.
It allows you to show off your knowledge in your respective industry. a good blog can rank you higher on Google’s search (good for SEO)

Through our sister company ‘Royal Consultancy’ we can help  small to medium size businesses with any problem from
How to start a business – The next steps.

We strive to make our clients happy

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